Essential Twin Sets For Summer

Twin sets have slowly emerged into the SS fashion scene over the past few years with them being almost an essential for both holiday and everyday attire.

A twin set bridges the gap between style and comfort as well as being the perfect way to look effortlessly cool. The most popular combos are either a longline t-shirt with shorts or a sleeveless t-shirt/vest with shorts in matching colours. These sets are ideal for a hot Summer day and are super lightweight to keep you cool and comfortable.

Another great thing about twin sets is that they can be worn with trainers for a sports luxe vibe or with sliders for simple, foolproof poolside attire. Twin sets are also ideal for the gym and sports as they’re loose and airy so you can work out comfortably without slacking on style.

There’s so many reasons as to why a twin set is necessary this Summer so we’ve put together a collection of our favourites from this season.

The Daily Twin Set

If you’re struggling for things to wear during the day on your holiday, a twin set is probably the answer. You’re more than likely only going to be sitting around the pool or going down to the breakfast buffet in attempt to cure your brutal hangover so you want something comfy and that you can just throw on. With a twin set, you don’t have to worry about matching and what goes with what as this is probably the last thing on your mind.

Depending on your mood you can either opt for a t-shirt and shorts or a vest and shorts combo – also depending on how your t-shirt tan is looking. These two twin sets from Gym King are simple but also stylish. They come in a comfortable fit for lounging.

Gym King & Embrace Couture Twin Sets

Gym King Longline Tee, Embrace Grey Marl Tee/ Black Tape Jogger Shorts, Gym King cut off Tee, Embrace Grey Marl Jogger Shorts


The Tape Twin Set

Step it up from the simple twin set and check out these Summer styles from Dolce and Gabbana, The Couture Club and Embrace Couture. These twin sets definitely stand out from the crowd. They also give off major sporty vibes – perfect for World Cup season. Pair with some trainers and you’ve got sports luxe nailed.

Dolce & Gabbana, Embrace Couture & Couture Club Tape Twin Sets

Embrace Couture Sand Tape Tee, Dolce & Gabbana Tape Tee, Embrace Couture Tape Twin Set, The Couture Club Khaki Tee.


The Poolside Twin Set

Poolside styles are very hit or miss. There’s the lads who do it well and look stylish or the ones who just look completely tragic. But of course, as you’re by the pool you want to be practical and not just stylish so finding that balance can be tricky. We have found a few perfect choices for nailing that poolside look.

The Good For Nothing Essential Sleeveless T-Shirt is perfectly matched with the Racer Swim Shorts so you can effortlessly go from poolside to the actual pool.

The twin sets come in black and white. The vests come in a relaxed, comfortable fit perfect for throwing on between dips in the pool and the shorts feature racer stripes down the side for sporty styling. The Embrace Couture range of Poolside Twin Sets can be mixed and matched for the perfect look. Our favourite combinations are White Tape Tee with Black Tape Shorts, and for the more daring, The signature white Swim Shorts and Sand Tape Tee. Match with some sliders to perfect your poolside look.

GFN Good For Nothing & Embrace Couture Poolside Twin Sets

GFN Sleeveless white racer Tee, Embrace Couture Manhattan Tape Swim Shorts, GFN Racer Swim Shorts White, Embrace Couture Sand Tape Tee & White Signature Swim Shorts


The Gym Twin Set

Last but not least, however probably the most vital twin set for your wardrobe is the Gym twin set. Gone are the days of just throwing on whatever you can find lying at the bottom of your wardrobe (or floordrobe)… it’s all about matching and styling at the gym. Working out in this weather can be a bit of a nightmare and can get uncomfortable so opting for a shorts and vest/t-shirt combo is probably the best and safest bet. We came across UK brand Muscle Monkey offering a range of performance gym gear.

The Twin Sets below offer stretch and breathable fabric which is ideal for working out – especially in the heat. The Luceo set features reflective styling down the sides of the t-shirt and shorts to give an extra bit of detailing to the look. Other styles are also available in this set including joggers and a track jacket. We’ve also picked out the camo vest and shorts as our favourites, however, we can’t guarantee full visibility in the camo set.

Muscle Monkey Gym Twin Set

Available at Muscle Monkey


So, that’s our roundup of essential Summer twin sets for a range of occasions. Feel free to leave your comments below and subscribe now for our latest blogs, product releases and exclusive discounts, plus you will receive 10% off your first order.

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